Sunday, November 26, 2006

DUI Billboard

I just submitted the following recommendation to both the Ad Council and the to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration throuth their respective website "Contact Us" functions.

It's something that I've thought about for quite a while; and I finally just looked up the relevant web sites and submitted to both.

I'm curious to see whether they'll be adopted.

And, if not, I thought I'd go ahead and post here.

I have a recommendation for a Roadside Billboard. My idea is that they would be best placed within 12 miles or so on major highways of major cities. For instance I live in Cincinnati. Both I-71 and I-75 go north out of and south into Cincinnati; and south out of and north into northern KY.

The billboard woud be simply stated - easy to read and interpret.

As follows:



I believe very much that this would cause some to consider the option of 20 dollars or even more for a cab, as opposed to the several thousand including time loss from work, higher insurance, etc... of a DUI.

Also, this would give the idea to friends and spouses to recommend to their friends to just take a cab.

I respectfully request your consideration.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006




Had a weird experience earlier today - 1 Nov. I was watching Court TV and half-way paying attention during a commercial break. However, something caught my attention. It was a commercial for Glen Beck who has a relatively new show on CNN Headline News primetime. I've never watched it very much, although I do watch quite a bit of CNN. This show is just something that I haven't watched much at all since it first started a while back. Sometimes if I'm flicking channels depending on who his guest may be, I'll stay tuned for a couple of minutes, but, not very long.

Anyway, what caught my attention was his use of the phrase "VOTE AMERICAN!"

My 3rd post on this blog; and in fact the 1st post on this blog following two that simply spell out that I'm new to the Blog world and not certain what form my blog will take; was just that -

A single, simple post that says "VOTE AMERICAN"

I also say - register Independent.

During this commercial, he went on to say - 'forget about all this Democrat, Republican Party stuff' or something of that nature. Similar in meaning to my comment - register Independent.


That was weird.

I obviously don't have a whole lot on my blog as of yet. In fact the post I'm referring about VOTE AMERICAN; is one of the reasons that I actually decided to go ahead and start it up.

It's a phrase and concept that I'd been thinking about for a little over a month when I posted it on October 19th. Actually, just after midnight on Oct 18th.

I've never heard that phrase or the concept expressed like that before. It's something that I've felt like I'd like to see spread around some. But, I'm limited in how to get things like that out. Again, that's one of the reasons I started the blog; to get some things out in writing.

Oh well. Since I don't suppose that too many folks have viewed this blog; I guess that I couldn't expect that I'd been ripped-off. However, I kind of feel that way.

Anyway, I like the message.

Register Independent
take care

Insult to the troops!


A whole lot of talk over the last two days. John Kerry's remark concerning 'getting stuck in Iraq.'

I agree it was poorly worded. I understand how it was percieved as an insult to the troops. But, I also think that to anyone who would stop and think about it, and review the tape if necessary; it's pretty obvious that Kerry was not intending the remark the way that it was mis-construed. It followed a couple of one-liners about Bush. And, it was directed at Bush. Even with that, it could be said that it was an insensitive comment; considering the folks and the circumstances in Iraq.

But, my point is that - it's Bush and all those around him - including Tony Snow, who I normally like - who have really been offensive to those in Iraq and those in the Military in general.

Once it became clear that what Kerry had said was in fact a poorly delivered joke (maybe - a poor attempt at a joke) well, it's disgraceful for the Bush administration and others in the party who conscientiously went on to use the mis-speak against Kerry. Therefore insulting the 'troops' in reality; by having no more class or conscience than to allow and in fact cause the story to spread like wild fire as if it was a slap in the face to the troops. Which to anyone of a serious nature who looked at the event; would realize that it was not. Also, that Kerry would be inclined to be so disrespectful to the troops; where as he's known as a man who supports and in deed has a bond with those with an experience of military action.

Bush, however, used the troops, in order to score political points a week before election; by trying to lead the country to believe that Kerry had insulted them.

That is disgraceful!