Thursday, January 18, 2007

9/11/01 - The world on our side; followed by a campaign of 'Create Hate and Make Enemies' – part I

(This is a product in work; additions and editions will be ongoing)

(part I - 01/14-18/2007)

Sept 11th 2001.

In the hours and days following the disasters of 9/11 - more so than probably anyone can remember, the world (effectively) was on our side.

I remember some film clips of a few Palestinians seemingly celebrating the occurrence that the U.S. had been hit and hit hard. Probably a few others in areas of the world known to have a deep set hatred of the U.S.

I also remember numerous displays from all over the world showing solidarity with the United States. Much more than I can elaborate on.

As I heard somewhere on the news recently there had been a French newspaper publication which had headlines stating "We're All Americans!" I remember a picture that went around the internet of a German Navy ship which reflected the German crew lined up and saluting a passing American Navy ship in the high seas. I remember for the first (and only) time in history that the British (Royal) Changing of the Guard was somehow dedicated to the United States. I also remember a Canadian Province dedicating a very heartfelt presentation to the U.S. There were for a time enormous showings of support from all various parts of the world to the United States at the time.

These are a few of the displays that I can remember off the top of my head. For those who remember, and/or for anyone who wanted to search the news archives it would be clear - basically, for the most part - in the immediate days, weeks & months - the rest of the world was standing by the side of the United States and against the terrorism that had hit us.

There were in fact, very extensive displays from all over the world of those who wanted to express their solidarity with the U.S; and there were, very limited displays in the entire world of any who seemed to condone the terrorist attacks, or in any way speak against the States.

It would seem that this had been a very unique and historic time frame in known history.

Effectively it was - 'The whole world on our side!'

This somewhat euphoric effect was relatively short lived.

It seems that it was followed before long with what sometimes appears as an American campaign led by Pres Bush to "Create Hate and Make Enemies!"

Within a period of a couple of years we seem to have alienated most of our long time allies; and others who had previously been effectively neutral to our foreign policy.

The U.S. lost it's well deserved, long lived reputation as an 'honest broker!'

Having invaded Iraq, the U.S. can no longer say that 'we are not a threat to other countries!'

We can't say that 'we've never started a war!'

Early on in a speech to the nation Pres Bush named Iraq, Iran and North Korea as the/an 'Axis of Evil.'

Not too long after that - the U.S. invaded Iraq. An unprecedented act.

Followed by both Iran and North Korea feeling threatened and in need of building up their Nuclear weapons programs.

Before this, we could have made the case to both Iran and N. Korea that they are not threatened by the U.S. and they are not in need of Nuclear weapons in order to defend themselves. However, once they had each been named in the same speech with Iraq as a part of an 'axis of evil' and then the invasion of Iraq by the U.S. - we can no longer make that claim.

It became pretty clear relatively soon that we had been attacked by Al Qaeda. It became known that they were operating out of Afghanistan, at that time a somewhat leaderless, lawless country.

Going after Al Qaeda at the time made perfect sense. They would/should have been relatively easily isolated and contained within Afghanistan with the resources of the United States and with the countries of the rest of the world on our side. Including the considerable cooperation of Pakistan.

At this point, both Al Qaeda and the Taliban could have been put on notice that the U.S. considered the attacks of 9/11 as an act of war and that we considered Al Qaeda responsible and that we considered the Taliban responsible for harboring Al Qaeda. The might and the resources of the United States along with the focus and the cooperation of the other countries of the world (including Pakistan) we could have made it a relatively simple, clean sweep of isolating both Al Qaeda and the Taliban. At that time we could probably have even elicited the help of Iran in isolating the Afghan boarders. We could have to a good extent isolated the boarders of Afghanistan ensuring no escaping of Al Qaeda or Taliban leaders.

This would have also had the effect of putting other countries on notice that if the United States is attacked they will respond effectively and accordingly.

As it is currently, January 2007, both Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders are still at large.

It seems we went in before we really knew what we were doing, making somewhat a mess of the country and allowing the escape of the very folks we should have been targeting.

Somewhat early on and at a point when things were not going that well in Afghanistan, the administration complicated things to an unbelievable extent by invading Iraq.

I can’t emphasize how significant this seems to me that at a point when things were not going that well in Afghanistan it seems like such incredible bad judgment to have complicated the circumstances by invading Iraq.

The time frame leading up to and following the U.S. invasion of Iraq, so many of the countries of the world have turned strongly against the U.S.

The administration seemed to have taken an attitude of
“we don’t need no stinkin’ allies.”

The two big picture aspects at this point that hit me are that:

(a) We as a country went from having the virtual ‘entire world' on our side following the attacks of 9/11 - to actually alienating many in the world against us, including even to at least some extent some of our own long term allies. This also has had the additional effect of allying many countries unfriendly to the U.S. against us. Such as the recent friendships formed by the presidents of Venesuala, Iran and Nicoragua (bringing Iranian influence to the South American hemisphere). The attitude of Russia and China towards the U.S. and with other countries.

(b) While the mission taken on in Afghanistan was no where near complete, and not really at any significant time frame going all that smoothly, the administration complicated things to an unbelievable extent, by invading Iraq. Which has also not gone well at all. And, noting that the leaders of both the Al Qaeda and the Taliban are still at large.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Global Warming - Now

Just curious.

I really don't want or expect to get into any kind of in depth discussion on this subject. Frankly, I don't know really anything about the subject, except what I hear on tv and that varies.

But, speaking of what I hear on tv. I watch a lot of the cable news CNN, MSNBC, FOXNews and such; mainly national news. A few weeks back it was a real popular subject on all networks about how warm it had been in the north east. Folks in New York walking around in shirt sleeves or even flip-flops. Some contemplating getting out on the golf course in December.

Around this time frame there were more than a few references as to the effects of 'Global Warming' on the atmosphere.

Currently (within 2-3 weeks after the above mentioned reports) we have what appears to be record 'Severe Weather' along considerable parts of the country.

Remember all the severe weather in Colorado a couple of weeks back causing avalanches and stranded travelers at the Denver Airport. In just the last couple of days there have been reports of the citrus crops in California being in great danger because of the cold.

So, is this 'Severe Weather' including wide spread 'Ice Storms' covering several states (Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, California...) also an effect of 'Global Warming?'
Just curious. Just thought I'd throw that out.

On top of that, I'm wondering. Around the time that they were talking about the record High temps in the North East, I heard it referenced a couple of times that 2006 has been the warmest year on record in over 100 years, since like 1886 or 1887, something like that.

Well, so I'm wondering, if global warming is responsible for the record highs of 2006 is it also responsible for the record highs in the 1800's?