Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Civil War - Anarchy

It occurred to me a couple of days ago, shortly after I posted concerning the circumstances in Iraq and the current - ongoing discussion as to whether or not there is a Civil War. Because of the debate, it occurred to me that it should be considered what would take place if the U.S. were to pull out - would it then be considered a Civil War.

After that, it occurred to me that it would be worth considering that if the U.S. did/does pull out in short order (given the circumstances as they currently are) that the circumstances would more likely result in Anarchy.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hamilton - Baker

I say this basically jokingly, but, it occurred to me over the last couple of days.

Lee Hamilton - retired representative from Indiana - Democrat

James A Baker III - retired from a number of several appointed government positions - Republican.

Recently co-chairs of the Iraq Study Group whose report came out yesterday - Wednesday Dec 6th.

Wonder what would be the reaction if someone would float the proposition of them as a presidential - vice presidential team.

I think it was David Brooks; I think that's his name; the guy who does political commentary on the News Hour with Jim Lerher on Fridays with Mark Shields. I think it was him who about a week or so ago; mentioned Lee Hamilton as someone he'd like to see run for president.

Whether it was him or not (but, I think it was); and/or whoever it was. I think that's an interesting thought.

Since the release of their report. It occurred to me - what a team.

Hamilton - Presidential Candidate

Baker - Vice Presidential Candidate

One reason this really appeals to me is that - every so often you hear someone commenting on politics mention that "they're in need of some adult supervision up there" - well, when that thought occurred to me recently, (mainly concerning the situation in Iraq). I went through my head, trying to figure who'd be some good consultants to bring in right now. And, frankly, the thought occurred to me that this country almost seems to be 'fresh out of grown-ups' - I've pretty well been a fan of both Lee Hamilton and of James Baker to the extent that I've been able to observe their public lives. If someone who might be listened to, were to recommend the Hamilton, Baker ticket. I'd be curious to see the reaction.

Ya gotta admit; there's a good sound to it -

Hamilton - Baker.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Iraq - Civil War?

Just around a week ago, maybe a little more; the subject came into the front of the news concerning whether or not the circumstances in Iraq should or should not be considered a 'Civil War.' NBC one day made the announcements that starting that day the network along with their cable stations MSNBC and CNBC would refer to Iraq as a civil war. This brought the subject to discussion on almost all news channels for a couple of days or so.

True enough to an extent that either way it could be considered really just a matter of terminology. What we term it, doesn't change the circumstances. However, I suppose that it's considered to be of some significance, in that the White House apparently rejects the term.

I suppose that the difference for the White House is that they very much want the war to be termed as a/(the) 'War on Terror' - and if it's categorized as a 'Civil War' taking place between various factions within Iraq then that seems to detract from that concept.

Something that's occurred to me regarding the subject is this.

There's been a great amount of talk concerning if, whether, when the U.S. will pull out of Iraq.

For the sake of identifying the conditions there; say for the sake of illustration that the U.S. could somehow - just pull out - quickly as possible. Within weeks.

The purpose of that illustration is this. If suddenly the U.S. was no longer a force in Iraq. Then, what would it be?

Would the various factions continue to fight? If so, then would it be considered a 'Civil War?'

Can't say for sure, but, it seems to me at this point, (with what I've got to go on), that if the U.S. was to suddenly get out of Iraq; there would likely be a continuation of the fighting. And, if that's the case, then would it be considered a 'Civil War' or not?

It just seems to me that this would be the way to determine whether or not the circumstances in Iraq make up a 'Civil War' or not.

Personally, I expect that if the U.S. suddenly departed Iraq, it would actually turn into a regional war. Likely starting with Iran backing the Shiite majority in Iraq, which I expect would have a domino effect.