Monday, October 15, 2007

People who interrupt

Among people that I hate, despise, can't stand.

It's always said that 'hate' is a very strong word.

Well, sometimes it applies.

It's incredible how much I can not stand and despise quite a few people, based on the fact that they seem to feel it's ok for them to interrupt others.

I've been feeling this way and saying so for years. What's unbelievable is that it seems that over the years that people who interrupt have been accepted into the main stream.

It appears to be acceptable behavior (when it's not) by many. And, a lot of that is because folks, when they're interrupted, won't stand up for themselves. And also, no one else in the group will
bother to back them up. So, those who interrupt, get their words out, just by interrupting and talking over others, and they therefore dominate the conversation.

Evidently some see it as a leadership trait. Which it's not. It's a lack of character trait.

It's become the model on news and political talk shows. Many of which are somewhat worthless in the first place, and even more so, because of this aspect.

Some of the hosts on such shows have even developed a habit of asking a guest a question, only so they (the host) can interrupt while the guest is answering. I guess it's a power grab, a way of saying "I'm in control" - well, that's for low-life's. Seriously.

It's absolutely amazing that any self respecting individual will bother to appear as a guest on some of these shows.

Interrupting/talking over someone else is completely disrespectful of the other and also of others who may be involved in the conversation. However, the folks that do so, seem to consider it their privilege; and their way of getting their way in the conversation. At this point, it can't really even be called a conversation. It's a format for someone, who will basically, bully their way by interrupting and talking over others.

So frequently those who talk the loudest and the most are the least worth listening to.

However, you can't tell them that. It's what I call a stupid stubbornness that make them think that what they have to say is more important and with no regard for others.

It's pathetic. And, causes a lot of trouble for others who aren't interested in playing such personality games and/or willing to put up with such crap.

Let the other person finish their sentence, finish their thought!!!!

Posting this overnight (early morning) on 15 October 07. I May well come back to add to it; because frankly, I think it's one of the most important subjects. I can think of lots more to say on the subject. I just wanted to get it started and at least this much posted.

The battle in Iraq

Having made my previous posts on Iraq; I felt that I should make this one which is actually one that I could have made a long time ago, as early or prior to any of the others, and have been meaning to post for quite a while, just hadn't gotten it done.

With everything that I've seen, heard or thought about the war, all my comments have been that it was wrong for us to have gone into Iraq in the first place, for numerous reasons; and that, having gone there, that the operations have been devastatingly mismanaged all along. Some say the current 'surge' may work and that the current folks in charge including the new secretary of Defense may make a difference. It's hard to say. But, until recently and clearly everything up until Rumsfeld and his crew was pretty disastrous.

Having said that. I have also, always felt really impressed at the attitude of the soldiers, the marines, and others who have gone over there. Whenever I've heard them interviewed over there, and/or interviewed back home after returning; some of which, are planing to go back again; I've found it incredibly inspiring the attitude of almost all of the folks that I've heard from. They have a strong sense of doing the right thing in Iraq; and it seems very admirable.

This may have been stronger in the beginning and may have waned some over the years, with the way that operations have dragged on, and some of the obvious mismanagement, that no one can be faulted for coming back from there nowadays with a less than great attitude.

But, for the most part, (and I guess, especially, early on) so many of the men and women that have gone over there to serve, have had a very impressive attitude about helping the Iraqi people.

Same as in Viet Nam, none of the mishandling and bad judgements have been of their doing.

A casual friend of mine had his son, a young man, back home for a couple of weeks a while back and he came in to the place where my friend works as a musician and I go to hear music (occasionally) on the weekends. Several of us regulars (I'm not as regular as I used to be) wanted to be sure and meet him. I did, and again, I was really impressed with his attitude of how his mission along with that of the others he was serving with was a positive mission and was helping the Iraqi people.

If by whatever means, it turns out that at some point the Iraqi people are able to recover and develop a better country than what they had before we went in there. I'd be glad to see that.