Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"A Nation of Laws not Men"

"A Nation of Laws not Men"

I've always been a fan of what I consider to be really profound phrases.

A relatively simple phrase; with so much impact. So profound.

It would be curious to see if whether -

among the intellectuals, political pundits, experienced journalists, professors and various other experts in our country -


could explain this phrase to President Bush, George W.

About this Blog; for what it's worth

I'm writing this with the sense of 'in case anyone reads it' - which is in fact the purpose or subject of this post.

I started the blog a while back and have included a number of posts.

The point I'm raising now is that, as I'm writing this - 5 September 07; there are only a few folks who are even aware that the blog exists. So, it seems kind of weird in a way that I come here periodically and add to it; with no real expectation of anyone actually looking at it. But, possibly eventually. I expect that over time, I may let a few more folks know of the blog, and may get a few more views.

So far, my sister who goes by Libby, because she posts at Court TV as RefLib, for reference librarian is the first one aware of it and first visitor. Except someone from the blog welcoming committee. Three of the folks that I know from the discussion board (in Wichita) which attracted quite a few people a few years back when the BTK resurfaced in Wichita. I joined the board then, and over a year or so, several of us became regulars. Most of them with ties to the area, but some, as myself, just interested in the subjtect. 60s Child, IM1096 (the real one, (there's a fake 1096 on the board)) have both visited early on when the board was new, and I think that Cougar from the board is aware of it, but, I don't think she's visited. And, one person BuqueLady from the AMW discussion board has visited I believe.

As far as I know, those are the only folks who are even aware of the blog at this point. I've kind of wanted to write this for a while. Even though I don't really think there's any significance.

It's basically a blog with kind of a non functional basis.

It's just my opportunity to express views on various subjects. Sometimes to get something into writing and dated.

I am curious if over time, I could possibly attract a certain amount of like-minded folks who may share my views on some subjects. The concept being, that it could serve as somewhat of a meeting area for folks with shared opinions and ideas.

I decided to write this now, because as I said, I had been thinking of it for a while; and I may have some time in the next couple of months or so (possibly) to add a few posts, and I may let a few others know, to see whether or not they're interested in looking in.

It just seems worthwhile to point out, that, up to this point, those mentioned above are the only ones who have previously been aware of or visited here.

So, if it looks like kind of an empty place. In a way it is. But, that's ok. I'm intending it as a way to share views on a number of subjects, and, I'm really only interested in sharing with a certain amount of folks. I'm really not into any real back-and-forth discussion. Except possibly with certain people on certain subjects. I don't know who may be interested in viewing the blog or not, so, I'm just maintaining it as it is.

Hope that makes sense.