Thursday, October 19, 2006

John Mark Karr; the simple version

I call this the simple version.

SIMPLY - The Boulder authorities should without question follow through on the one simple fact of confirming the whereabouts of John Karr during the time frame when JonBenet Ramsey was killed.

Without going into all the various idiosyncrasies concerning the current and recent circumstances of John Mark Karr.

I find one thing so incredibly profound and aggravatingly simple.

Of all the professional commentary following the apprehension of Karr in Thailand; one of the most significant points to be considered was the almost dis-belief by some that the authorities in Colorado had evidently not done a preliminary investigation regarding whether or not Karr could have even been in Colorado at the time of the Crime.

Early on was the report that his ex-wife - who would not be likely to want to make excuses for him - was saying that he was in Alabama with family during Christmas 1996. What surprised me about this is that it seemed to be almost taken as fact by commentators. Later it was reported that Karr's father was saying that Karr had been with family in Atlanta during Christmas 1996. Again, this seemed to be taken as fact; and all along; no comment on the fact that both can't be true.

Following this; no reports that the Boulder authorities have ever bothered to verify/confirm the whereabouts of John Mark Karr during the time frame of Christmas 1996 when JonBenet Ramsey was killed.

SIMPLY - The Boulder authorities should without question follow through on the one simple fact of confirming the whereabouts of John Karr during the time frame when JonBenet Ramsey was killed.

If they can not verify/confirm beyond any doubt that he was in either Alabama or in Georgia and which and under what circumstances then they have to go further and investigate whether or not he could have been or was in Boulder during this time frame.

As they were considered irresponsible for not having investigated this to at least some extent before apprehending Karr in Thialand; having done that, they are considerably more irresponsible for not following through and investigating and confirming the whereabouts of Karr by this time.

I have more observations and comments concerning Karr - as well as other things, that I expect to place in the blog over time.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Register Independent

Vote American

For the most part, I like this statement as a stand-alone statement that speaks for itself.

Or, it presents itself to the reader for interpretation.

Over time, I may or may not comment on the concept.

I may also, just leave this post as is, and place any comments on separate posts.

What does Vote American, mean to you!

Interactive? 1st post follow-up

Just after my 1st post, I looked into the options concerning interactive comments on the blog.

I see that there are 3 settings for comments - Anyone - Only registered users - Only members of this blog.

Rather than edit my 1st post; I'll just put here that I set the comments for 'Anyone' - I had first thought that it wouldn't be interactive; but, I guess that wouldn't make sense.

C-zone; a new blog 10/18/06

First post. Brand new to the world of Blog. Completely; haven't even visited other blogs. The name C-zone http address basically stands for Comment zone.

At this point, I really haven't put any considerable thought into the concept of the blog; at least not with any sense of organization or structure. I'll have to see how it forms as I go. But, the concept is not completely vacant.

Starting off, I'm basically planning on sharing comments on various subjects. Although, I don't anticipate any significant interest in my comments; it'll give me the chance to view my thoughts, and if by chance anyone else finds my comments interesting or worthwhile to any extent; then the blog will go from there.

At this point, just getting started; I don't have any plan or arrangement concerning certain aspects of the Blog Format. For the sake of simplicity I don't expect to have it inter-active. However, my email will be available on the blog or my profile in case there are any comments. I expect to arrange and adjust the format over time.

Currently I plan to see whether I can figure what format options are available.