Thursday, June 13, 2013

Conflict in Syria; Larger/Regional/Global Conflict(?)

I hate to say this.  I’ve been considering this for quite a while.  Frankly, the circumstances concerning the conflict in Syria, really appear, more than anything in memory, to have the potential for a Larger/Regional/Global Conflict. I hope I'm wrong. Neither side is ready to give up or collapse.  Large countries are taking sides.  Countries which will pretty certainly become involved to at least some extent, at least in their wanting their opinion heard - United States, Great Brittan, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah from Lebanon, Israel… Likely at some point, to some extent – Turkey, Jordan, and whatever other regional countries affected somehow or another.  The fact that the U.S. is considering further arming and supporting rebels and the fact that Russia has recently arranged to provide Assad and the Government with Air Defense Systems, and whatever else, is certainly problematic.  If Russia sees us supporting/arming Rebels, will they then decide to back off on their support of the Assad Government?

Not an easy solution in any way.  Arming, supporting rebels(?)  We armed, supported Afghans fighting Russia years ago; they turned into Al Qaeda and the Taliban.  Currently we’ve been in Afghanistan since 2001.  We supported Iraq in its conflict with Iran, they turned into Iraq, where we’ve fought two wars since the early ‘90s, the most recent one being extremely lengthy and costly in every way.

History shows, we tried to stay out of WWII; turned out, that couldn’t be done; and the possibility, we would have been better to have entered earlier.  At least, it seems, it would have been better for the United Kingdom if we had entered earlier.  Hard to tell best course of action under such circumstances!  

Former Asst Secretary of State P.J. Crowley on MSNBC, includes China of those supporting the Assad Govt.  I don't know to what extent, but, it's still something to be considered.  Bob Franken also on MSNBC, mentioned a reference to the Al Qaeda, Hezbollah factor (Sunni, Shiite).  Haven't heard too much mention of Al Qaeda so far, but, their sympathizers, supporters, wannabees....  

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