Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Momentary Mental Dyslexia

This is a phrase I came up with a couple of years ago. I suppose I can say that it's a phrase I've coined, because, I've never heard it anywhere else. That was one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog; to put certain things on record.

Momentary Mental Dyslexia

Kind of hard to define; I have a few thoughts on how to go about defining it; but, nothing that quite says it just right.

One thing that occurs to me is to describe it as - "You'll know it when you see (experience) it" or maybe more accurately "You'll know it - shortly after - you see (experience) it"

It's somewhat related to, but, not limited to traditional Dyslexia.

It's more of a mental function (reversed) than necessarily an eyesight function; however, eyesight function can be a factor.

Somehow you know clearly what you're thinking, what you're doing, then somehow when you go back and double check yourself, you find that you had somehow reversed the order of what you had intended.

I plan to get back to this and update/work on the definition some over time. I wanted to get this much out for a start.

It's the Spending Stupid!

I don’t want to sound like I’m quoting Bill Clinton, or his advisors; whoever came up with the phrase ‘It’s the economy stupid.’

But, I’ve borrowed it to convert it a bit and make a catchy phrase which makes a good and important point.

I’ve said this for years and years. Not in writing, but, to friends or whatever folks I may have been talking with for whatever reason.

It’s not the paying of taxes that makes the American people so sick and upset. It’s the way that the tax money is spent. It’s the way the tax money is “WASTED!”

If there wasn’t so much money wasted then there wouldn’t be the need for increased taxes. Seriously!

Whenever I hear about a need for an increase in taxes, I think about any of the numerous reports of where the government has wasted large amounts of money in the past. And, the many programs which seem to be nothing but a bad idea to most of the American people. Such as many of the earmarks that have just recently become news.

Part II

I am amazed that more people don't consider this to be a serious issue. Quite a few years back a guy wrote a book. Can't think of his name right now, but the book is called (I think) "The Government Racket - Washington waste from A to Z." Detailing numerous programs and instances of government waste. I couldn't believe that it didn't get more attention.

It seems to me like a good investigative journalist could do something similar and update it periodically. The last several years have been disastrous. It's shameful.

The phrase that's been going on in my mind for quite a few years now, since I started following this stuff is: "If you hadn't wasted that several hundred million, so many years ago on that other crap; you wouldn't be needing to raise more money (by taxes) now." In this case "you" is the government.

People, for the most part, understand and accept the concept of taxation. And when they complain about it; it's my thinking that they're not really complaining about the fact that they're being taxed; they're complaining about the way that their tax money previously collected has been wasted.

When you hear a story (a 90 second news spot) about 175 million dollars wasted because something or another was never followed up on; it makes you think that 'well if they have that kind of money to throw around (throw away), then they shouldn't need what I send in.' Or, to think that 'If they wasted that much; no matter how much I send in; it won't be enough; they'll be needing more.' It's a shame how hard so many folks struggle to pay the percentage of their income in taxes each year, to see how much of it is wasted. If they can afford to waste so much; then they should be able to let some lower income folks off the hook.