Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Congress Shutting Down the U.S. Government and the Debt Ceiling.

I Sent following to Dept of Justice (DOJ) 21 September 2013.

Concerning Congress Shutting Down the U.S. Government and the Debt Ceiling.

I expect that Congress has no true authority or right to intentionally shut down the U.S. Gov’t.  Not "Intentionally" by decision, especially not for Political Purpose.

Same for the Debt Ceiling.  I’ll bet, that the Debt Ceiling itself is unconstitutional and that Congress would have no true authority or right to default on the U.S. Debt. Again, not "Intentionally" and especially not for Political Purpose!

However, I expect that neither of these subjects have ever been challenged; and I think they should be. 

I’ve been trying, without success, to get a response and more significantly, start a national dialogue on this subject.  I’ve tweeted many in the media and U.S. Representatives. No responses.

I wish someone would address this.

I added/edited the above just a bit, but, just for enhancement. The main gist of the argument is that Congress can't do something like that "Intentionally" and for Political Purpose.  Another angle is that, I think the argument should be made that Congress is elected to facilitate the functioning of Government.  Not their prerogative to shut it down; same w/debt ceiling.
This is basically a second entry, follow-up to a post I made quite a while ago called "Default by Design" July 15 2011.  Scroll down.


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