Saturday, February 21, 2009

Easy Readin'

I’m self-publishing a small book. It is basically poetry. I say basically poetry, because I’m not certain it would pass for legitimate poetry to someone who is familiar with the subject. As I say on my blurb ‘About the Book’ – “This is not classic poetry”

Seems a little silly to list it here because I’ve had the blog for around two years and almost no one knows about it. However, I thought that I’d go ahead and post this blog about my book, in case anyone stumbles by it. And I may, at some point, try referring a few friends to this site. It's a self-publishing project going out with basically no advertising, at least at this point; so, if you happen to like it and you think you may know someone else who might appreciate it; please let them know.

The name of the book is –

Easy Readin’

“Miscellaneous Titles”

I’m posting this on Saturday 21 February 2009 and the book just went for sale on-line yesterday.

It’s available at Author House; which is a self-publishing site through which the book is published.

You can view the cover, my blurbs about the book, about the author and three selections from the book at; there is an icon there that says “Buy Now” however, it’s not currently active. You can purchase the book through the Author House site; by going to -

> > Bookstore > Search for - Dave Kelley - or - Easy Readin’ > Click on ‘Add to Cart’ > Follow instructions. Credit or debit card - $14.75.

You can view some of the book as mentioned above by visiting my website and you can purchase the book, should you feel like it, from the Author House site. The Author House site also has the best price. It’s not available anywhere else yet, but, if it becomes available elsewhere, it will cost a few dollars more.

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